Free Meditation Resources for Beginners

With all the talk based around meditation on my blog, I thought it worthwhile to include some useful resources that contain free Mediations or mindful exercises. It can feel very overwhelming when starting out and before diving into paid courses, apps, and extensive programs, it can be helpful to try out a range of practices. As with meditations, everyone is going to be different on what they relate to and find helpful and with so many that cover a wide span of mental, physical, and also spiritual wellbeing it can be hard to know where to start. 


Let’s delve into some resources I’ve used, what is worth trying? and for what purpose?  

Most resources came from websites with downloadable options, but also podcasts and places like SoundCloud, Spotify, including apps such as calm (although a paid service), or downloadables through iTunes music and google play.

By far with the most free-range of downloadable audio, mindful scripts, worksheets, and also free challenges from 30 to 100 days is 

This one was related to me by a psychologist and since has been a great way to explore a wide range of practices offered. What I liked about the website and the challenges is they include not only mediation practise but alongside hem worksheets, I’m a big journaling fan and there is certainly something to be said about working with words and expressions on paper. Reflecting on practice provides valid insights and the worksheets have a layout of questions to reflect on/ They also relate to specific topics and work through a variety of issues including anxiety, stress, depression, and a lot more. So this website for me goes far beyond just mediations it includes a whole outlay of knowledge and ways to implement mindful lifestyle day-to-day.  


Recommended beginner practices 

28-day beginner challenge

Quick easy practices ( anxiety release)

1-minute meditation and quick meditations by Tara Brach 

Visionary meditations 

Filling your cup meditation 

A Skye like mind( Tara Brach) a great mediation teacher to follow

On my list for pain management 

Oren J sofar 10 part meditation for pain management 

Binaural beats for headache relief

On my list for happiness 

Rick Hanson H.E.A.L

Breathworks meditations

Through my short journey with meditation, I’ve struggled to find meditations that specifically help those with chronic pain and illness. It felt like a relief when I can across the breathwork program, I finally felt comfortable in my practice and its the reason I’m training to be a certified teacher to help those specifically suffering from long term illness.

There is no need to do the full course program if this is too much to commit to at the moment or financially difficult, as some mediations are accessible in SoundCloud, with free meditations online that consists of meditations from the mindfulness for stress course, where you can use the audio weekly alongside the mindfulness workbook or as they are. There are also a few from the breathwork mindfulness for health course and plenty of bonus content. Refer to my previous posts for more about breathwork and the founder vidyamala Burch who has suffered long term health problems. 


I love podcasts, its refreshing to sit back and just listen to a favorite topic, for me this especially is focused around well-being and slow living. I have come across a few focused around meditation and mindfulness that is FREE to use with google podcasts. You can add the episodes to your queue or download them.

The Mindful in minutes podcast

A podcast by yoga studio for you, which has weekly meditations 20 minutes or less, with so much to choose from. I like this podcast for its quick short meditations which are perfect if you are low on time or need a break throughout the day, maybe you want to find some stress relief or bring in an abundance, , help manage a panic attack or even a quick break meditation to re-center. There is a lot of choices here.


Sleep meditations 

This podcast has a good selection of sleep meditations. I recommend Insomnia relief meditation. 

On my list 

Meditation for Centering  

Yoga Nidra for sleep

I’ve recently become interested in Yoga Nidra. Simply Yoga Nidra is a practice that is yogic sleep, to get the mind into a state of deep relaxation and connect deeper with a deep state of rest. A state of being where you are so relaxed but still aware, just before the state of sleep. You can find more about this in the episode, The magic of yoga Nidra.


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