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Showing Kindness for Mental health Awareness

BE KIND, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about~unknown

The theme surrounding this year’s mental health awareness week is kindness, so this year I’d like to encourage a sense of kindness to those suffering from mental health conditions. Below are some tips to share with others about helping those with small acts of kindness.

Even after years of battling my mental health I’ve fallen into not so helpful words category, I’m always one for wanting to help and give advice, but just because something works for me, does not mean it will help them and sometimes the worse things to say, are ‘this helped me, or try meditation, Try a therapist’ We are not perfect, listen and show your love and kindness, this is so much more valuable.

We have know come to the end of mental health awareness week but for us suffering from mental health conditions or even those un-diagnosed and suffering, our lives continued to be shaken and each day continues to be a struggle. I believe it helps to share with others our stories, painting a true picture of depression, and sharing the reality is the best way to share mental health awareness. 


Just this week, I woke up feeling like drowning in sorrow, overwhelm took over, and I just wanted to lye on the sofa all day long, forgetting about my hopes and dreams and escaping from reality as much as possible. Then the thoughts kick in, I’m not good enough’, ‘I will never achieve that’ ‘It is not worth it’ ”I’m not worth it ” etc….



Here are my top tips to help get going on a low morning,


  1. Allow your mind to wander, lye down, or do whatever your mind wants. This allows room for those feelings to arise.
  2. Try writing your thoughts down this gets the thoughts out onto paper, it is especially comforting when it feels challenging to talk to someone. Try free resources from mindfulness exercises below.
  3. When you are feeling like you can take a step forward. Meditation is the number 1 thing in my wellness toolkit, it allows room for those painful feelings of sorrow, overwhelm, sadness, failure, and others. 
  4.  Listen to self-help, well being, or mindfulness podcast. I always find some inspiration to help me on a difficult day. Try the mindful kind podcast below.

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