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Reflecting on new journeys

 Although there have been some new exciting journeys for sure, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on a loss this month, we had to make a difficult decision to put down our dog Skye, we had him over 13 years he was over 16 and just very poorly so with a heavy heart and 13 years of love we had to say goodbye. It really took its toll and I felt very grieved, he was a family member and had helped me through the toughest times. I miss him deeply and I spent the first few days sitting outside and being mindful of nature, this way I felt I had some room to reflect. With this loss, it became a struggle to continue my teacher training as I was moving into week three and the continued daily symptoms I was experiencing, but with all that said I pushed through the amazing and wonderful journey with breathworks.

And I can not forget to mention I turned 23 on the 30th October 


I’m back again, I took a long break while I was on my breathwork training course but I left a few videos of my progress on Instagram which was really out of my comfort zone but it was rather fun to share how things progressed, so feel free to check out my videos, my latest video goes over my TTI certificate and next steps. I am excited to announce that I will be supporting a course on the 27th of October and I am fully booked for mindful movement weekend in January and advanced teacher training (TTA) in April.


We did not have any immediate plans to have a new pet until my brother came home one day and said his work friend was having to rehome there cat, I knew we could give him a good home and as the winter drawers in I suffer terribly at home and with even more restrictions than ever before I really felt he would be a good companion. Even after being previously abandoned before his last home, and only being at his previous home two months Cosmo (then called Freddie) is the fluffiest and most loving cat, he’s so trusting and loves cuddles and pretty much follows me everywhere. He has finally found his forever home with us.

Cosmo in his new bed which I still hadnt finished at this point


This month has seen me form a wonderful and supportive community at breathworks, ive met some amazing and inspiring people through training and there has been a great sense of community. We have continued our little TTI group on WhatsApp to support each other through the next steps of our training and share loads of inspiration. What is so humbling is the space we share and being listened to by others. There is a sense of a few pieces of my life forming back together, it has been amazing to experience a wonderful group of kind people. Through the breathworks community I have truly felt listened to and not excluded in any way. We now have a community online platform to form connections with other teachers and have friends to share our journeys together.


Routines were so different while doing my training course, I had a more settled routine of meditation, coursework and communicating daily with fellow trainees and the community.    Routines have definitely changed since the finish of my introductory training, I have felt very imbalanced and found myself switching to bad habits with my diet and screen time on my phone, doing endless scrolling. It would nice to look at switching my morning routine to being a little more mindful. Things then changed again when we had our new companion Cosmo the cat, I have found myself switching into his routine. In some good ways, as I get up and sort his breakfast and have some playtime which had added some laughter to the morning, in ways he also reminds me to be mindful as he sits on my lap and we have cuddles, it can become a whole mindful exercise as I tune into the touch, of his soft fur and the sound of his purr. It takes me way from scrolling or watching TV.


After spending months apart from my boyfriend, we were finally getting closer over the last few months, then I was hit down with a bad cold and we decided it was safer for him to stay away. As we started to get closer again COVID was on the rise again in the UK, as of last week we saw the start of the 3-tier system in the UK. In my area we are on the lowest tier at one so there are standard COVID procedures buy my boyfriend lives in a medium risk area that is on the rise so that restricts him from visiting my house. We had a little brake weekend away in derby for my birthday and I do not think we will get there now. The strange thing is he could go with a family member in his house or I could go with my family member but we cannot go together. I think I have just given up with trying to have a brake this year, it was supposed to be a little breather and a chance for us to finally have some time together this year. I guess I’m far from on my own in that situation. What are you experiencing with Uk lockdowns, are you in tier three? 

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